"Jelatech is a Johannesburg based company and are agents for the Detectamet™ range of food-safe detectable products. We also provide a comprehensive recruitment service across the Flavour, Food Production, and Packaging Industries. "

Food and Safety

Today Food safety is no longer a choice, it’s a legal requirement in the Food Industry. No company wishes to appear on the front page of the Sunday papers or in radio talks disclosing negligence. Damages to brands are long lasting, consumers have long memories as do the media.


Recruitment 1 350 pixelsJelatech Recruitment manages executive search, permanent and contract assignments, providing a comprehensive Recruitment Service for both client and candidate alike across the Flavour, Food Production, and Packaging industries.

Who We Are

Jelatech (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg based company specializing in sales of safety products to the food manufacturing industry, as well as providing an efficient recruitment service to both clients and candidates in the Flavour, Food Production, and Packaging Industries.


Lyn-Anne Hooper
Tel: +27 71 382 6783
Jeremy Hooper
Tel: +27 82 412 0076
Jelatech APLS (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 98029,
Sloane Park 2152
South Africa

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Detectable Hygiene Protective Workwear

Detectable Mobcaps Detectable Hairnets Detectable Beard Snoods Detectable Disposable...

Detectable Cable Ties

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Safety Equipment

Our range of personal protective equipment includes respiratory, hearing and hand...

Stainless Steel and Aluminium Stationery

We specialise in the design and manufacture of clipboards ring binders, lever arch...

Metal X-Ray Detectable Pieces

We have developed a range of test products for X-Ray Machines which includes low, medium...

Detectable Storing, Mixing and Handling Equipment

Detectamet storage, mixing and handling equipment has been developed for food processing...

Detectable Safety Knives

The SK Series of Safety Knives and Cutters can offer you a wide range of knives to suit...

Detectable Plasters and Dressings

Blue Food Safe Metal Detectable Plasters and dressings. We offer a wide range of...

Detectable Keyhole Tags and Labels

The “Detectamet” range of Tags allow small traces of label fragments to be detected, at...

Detectable Engineering Products

Detectamet has developed a wide range of detectable engineering materials and equipment...